Stress Awareness Month 2018: The Effects of Stress On The Body

In honour of Stress Awareness Month, this post is the second of the 4 week series all about stress. In the first post: ‘An Introduction to Stress‘, the types of stress (i.e. distress vs. eustress) were introduced. This week, I’ll be focusing on the short-term and long-term effects of stress. Stress can impact us in many ways: physiologically, emotionally, mentally, behaviourally,  socially etc. I’ll be focusing on the physiological and the emotional impacts of stress. Physiological Effects of Stress Flight or Flight Response The Flight or Flight response is our body’s response when we feel a strong emotion like fear

Faces of Depression Project: Meg’s Story

NAME: Meg Colt AGE: 26* LOCATION: Fernandina Beach, FL* OCCUPATION: Freelance Writer* “My name is Meg, and I have struggled with both anxiety and depression for most of my life. It took me many years to become truly aware of my mental illness, but my first memories of struggling with it go all the way back to my childhood. Looking back now, I presented symptoms of anxiety as early as seven years old, and odds are that was because of the trauma I experienced in childhood. My mother died of cancer when I was five, and after that I spent many years being

Faces of Depression Project: Valerie’s Story

NAME: Valerie Mattes AGE: 16* LOCATION: London* OCCUPATION: College Student* “I can’t remember exactly when it started, but since primary school age I always felt different to all the other children. I felt I asked myself questions I don’t think other children would have asked themselves at that age. Looking back now I can see how I always had a tendency to experience poor mental health. My early childhood wasn’t exactly easy either however my first noticeable low point suffering with depression was when I was 11 my dad (who I was VERY close and attached to) left to work in another country abroad he

Faces of Depression Project: Leah’s Story

NAME: Leah Alder AGE: 16* LOCATION: Durham* ​ “I have struggled with my Mental Health since I was a very young age , I have always been  an anxious child but when my Anxiety began to effect my daily life my mum contacted my GP and I was referred to CAMHS (Child Adolescent Mental Health Service). My Depression however soon came along, and I began isolating myself not intentionally but my mood was getting lower and lower, my ability to concentrate slowly started to deteriorate and I lost interest in pretty much everything. Things I enjoyed such as, Dancing, shopping, seeing

Faces of Depression Project: Olivia’s Story

NAME: Olivia Lomas AGE: 24* LOCATION: Cornwall, UK* ​ “My battle with depression started at a very young age of 10. It was if someone had just switched of the lights, I gave up doing things I liked, I didn’t want to spend time with anyone. I felt hopeless, anxious and confused by what was happening. As I got older others noticed the changes. I also suffer with eating disorders and severe anxiety – I started having treatment at 14 I was put on antidepressants and regular therapy. But not much changed and I had I suicide attempt when I was 17 and

Faces of Depression Project: My Story

NAME: Rebecca Tucker AGE: 23* LOCATION: Cambridge* OCCUPATION: Studying Clinical Psychology at the University of Lincoln*   “I hate being asked, “So what triggered your depression”, because to be honest with you, if I knew, I would have done something sooner. I guess it could have started from childhood although I didn’t realise it until recently. I noticed I went from being a happy, sociable, optimistic, and a high-achiever to a negative, pessimistic person who cringed at the thought of meeting new people and being in new situations- most of the time. Growing up, I had a lot of people around me but very

Faces of Depression Project: Jessica’s Story

NAME: Jessica Taylor AGE: 20* LOCATION: Devon* OCCUPATION: Studying Clinical Psychology at the University of Lincoln* “I think I’ve had depression since my early teens, but I always put it down to my hormones and just being a typical moody teenager. I’d often find that the smallest things would upset and offend me, even things that were intended as a joke. I remember telling my parents once that I thought there was something wrong with me because no matter what I did I just couldn’t cheer up, I’d just be miserable all the time. My dad told me to go and buy myself something

Faces of Depression Project: Elle’s Story

NAME: Elle AGE: 22* LOCATION: Cambridge* OCCUPATION: Studying Politics at the University of East Anglia*   “My problems started around four years ago, which as I’m only 20 years old, seems bizarre. How could someone so young have spent so much of their life like this? The problem is, when I was in a bad way, I couldn’t even remember the good days that came before, sometimes it’s all I can remember knowing. But that’s the thing with mental illness; it simply does not discriminate. There is a stigma and a view that it should be secret, hidden, something to be ashamed of. Well