Stress Awareness Month 2018: The Effects of Stress On The Body

In honour of Stress Awareness Month, this post is the second of the 4 week series all about stress. In the first post: ‘An Introduction to Stress‘, the types of stress (i.e. distress vs. eustress) were introduced. This week, I’ll be focusing on the short-term and long-term effects of stress. Stress can impact us in many ways: physiologically, emotionally, mentally, behaviourally,  socially etc. I’ll be focusing on the physiological and the emotional impacts of stress. Physiological Effects of Stress Flight or Flight Response The Flight or Flight response is our body’s response when we feel a strong emotion like fear

Faces of Depression: Rwenshaun’s Story

NAME: Rwenshaun Miller AGE: 30* LOCATION: Charlotte, NC* OCCUPATION: Executive Director, Eustress Inc. Therapist* “My life changed when the gun didn’t discharge when I pulled the trigger as the barrel touched my temple during this third attempt. I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder 7 years prior and did not know how to handle it because I did not understand what it meant.  As a Black man, I allowed fear, ignorance, and ego determine my actions by not pursuing the help that I needed to manage my symptoms and learn how to live with this mental illness. I first experienced symptoms my second year

Faces of Depression Project: Nix’s Story

NAME: Nicola (Nix) AGE: 28* LOCATION: Coventry, UK* OCCUPATION: Chef* “I was diagnosed at 18, and some 10 years later I still find myself at rock bottom, but have finally discovered my way of coping. I struggle daily with my mental health. But it is something I am learning to come to terms with. I never really struggled much growing up, until I had my first major bout of depression at university. It took months of counselling and psychologists, weekly appointments governing my life, wondering what was wrong with me, whilst still trying to be a student. It was so confusing how I