World Sleep Day 2018 | Let’s Talk About Sleep

It’s World Sleep Day!  We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping (or attempting to)…so we might as well do it well right? Sleep is kind of big deal and it’s divided into stages – the earlier stages are the deepest and restore us physically, whereas the later stages are believed to help refresh us mentally. We get most of our physical restoration in the first three hours of sleep. Sleep is important for maintaining good mental and physical health yet one in five people in the UK have some difficulty of sleeping. There’s an identifiable link between sleep problems and

14 Ways To Love Yourself Today

It’s that time of year again…Valentine’s Day. You either love it, or you hate it, or couldn’t really give a shit about it. Valentine’s Day is usually a day of focusing on expressing your love and gratitude for your significant other or other significant people in your life – which is nice. But, when do you ever get a chance to focus on what’s really important? YOU! Valentines day is a day for you.  A day to love yourself and focus on just how amazing you really are (cringe, I know). Self-love is not just a concept or hashtag on twitter

Lloyds’ Mental Health Awareness Campaign 2018

Hopefully by now you’ve managed to watch Lloyds Bank’s mental health awareness campaign launched earlier this year. It’s a shame that it had to take a bank to make an advert like this, but nevertheless I believe it’s a great step in the right direction to encourage more open and direct conversations about these non-visible disabilities.      Lloyds new advert created by Adam & Eve DDB, features a mix of celebrities (such as, Professor Green and Alex Brooker), members of the public and bank employees playing a variation of the sticky-note guessing game “Who am I?”. However, instead of

Blue Monday: Battling The Blues

It’s the third Monday of 2018 and today is considered to be the ‘most depressing day of the year’ – otherwise known as ‘Blue Monday’.   What is ‘Blue Monday’ all about?   Back in 2005, Dr Cliff Arnall coined the phrase ‘Blue Monday’ by formulating various factors, such as poor weather, debt, Christmas ending, failed New Year’s resolutions and low motivation levels. Apparently, these all contribute to a mass ‘depression’ occurring on this very day. Sounds pretty dispiriting right?!   Why I hate ‘Blue Monday’   My reasons are simple: As someone who lives with depression and works with

New Year, Better You? – 18 Ways to Achieve Your Goals in 2018

It’s that time of year again! The time of year where many of us are setting new goals for ourselves in an attempt to improve our lives for the coming year. Some of us may make a promise to change bad habits such as quitting smoking, reducing our alcohol intake (i.e. Dry January), or eating healthier food. Others may make a promise to do something positive, such as giving back to the community, volunteering, joining a gym. Whatever we decide to do, the process of writing a list of New Year’s resolutions is easy. But just how many of us/how

Detox, De-Clutter and Determine Your Life

I haven’t blogged for a while, as I took a much needed break from blogging and social media in general (well not completely but yeah) in order to focus on my studies, work and getting myself better and it has definitely paid off. The burnout and lethargic feeling I was experiencing both physically and mentally over the past few months have inspired this post as a kick-start to me blogging regularly again as I feel like it’s something we should all do, regardless of how much or little we have going on in our lives. How many times have we either

Life: Surviving or Thriving? | Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

It’s Mental Health Awareness month and we are nearing the end of Mental Health Awareness Week 2017: Surviving or Thriving? This year, the Mental Health Foundation took a different stance and focused on good mental health vs. mental ill-health. According to Mark Rowland, the Director of Fundraising and Communications for the Mental Health Foundation – with 18% more cases of depression, mental health problems have been on the rise globally since 2005. As a society, the awareness and focus on the health of our physical bodies continually makes great progress, but what about our mental health? Mental health affects all of us and in the

MHAW16 (Day 7): The Most Important Type of Relationship

“Nobody can make you happy and you can’t make anyone else happy until you’re happy with yourself first.” The most important relationship you should have is the relationship you have with yourself. There’s only so far we can go with putting the needs of others before ours. Some of us may be so occupied with caring for others or the realisation of being ‘alone’ can scare you and you prefer to distract yourself by keeping yourself surrounded by people. But an important thing to remember is that you have to create your own happiness or satisfaction first before you can

MHAW16 (Day 6): Improving Your Relationships

Relationships take effort and if you want and appreciate your friends/partner, you too are also responsible for maintaining a healthy friendship/relationship. “Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it’s all over.” – Octavia Butler Make time for your relationships. Sometimes, we may not have the time to physically see them as often as you’d like or previously used to. That’s life, things change and situations

MHAW16 (Day 5): Destructive Relationships

A healthy relationship with your friends, family or partner can allow you to grow, flourish and can have an important impact on your wellbeing. However, there is a dark side to relationships and being vulnerable in some relationships or being in contact with the wrong people can allow us to be victims of any type of abuse. Abuse can come in the form of obvious physical abuse to very subtle and long-lasting emotional abuse. Any kind of abuse can be equally as destructive to the individual. Therefore, it is important for our wellbeing to recognise the signs and do all we can to take