Faces of Depression Project: Elle’s Story

NAME: Elle AGE: 22* LOCATION: Cambridge* OCCUPATION: Studying Politics at the University of East Anglia*   “My problems started around four years ago, which as I’m only 20 years old, seems bizarre. How could someone so young have spent so much of their life like this? The problem is, when I was in a bad way, I couldn’t even remember the good days that came before, sometimes it’s all I can remember knowing. But that’s the thing with mental illness; it simply does not discriminate. There is a stigma and a view that it should be secret, hidden, something to be ashamed of. Well

Faces of Depression Project: Chandni’s Story

Name: Chandni Bhanderi Age: 23* Location: Harrow, Middlesex* Occupation: Studying at Metropolitan University*   “My main diagnosis is for anorexia nervosa – restrictive type. I have always had issues with food and my perception of myself.  I remember being as young as 6 years old and having eating disordered thoughts. I went through a few years in my early teen years where I emotionally overate as I had a negative view of myself and felt that I was not good enough and so I used food as a comfort.  This only made me feel worse about myself as I started