I’m Rebecca, a 23-year-old blogger, depression and social anxiety ‘sufferer’ and qualified mental health therapist passionate about mental health and well-being, self-development and self-care.

I’ve struggled with my mental health in silence as I grew up, experiencing panic attacks, social anxiety, self-esteem, suicidal thoughts and self-harm. It wasn’t until I admitted to myself that I was struggling and spoke up about it, that I became more aware of the impact of mental health difficulties and passionate about silencing the stigma surrounding mental illness. And so in May 2015, during Mental Health Awareness week, this blog was born!

But you’re a therapist who suffers from the problems your clients approach you for support with…How does that work? Good question, I hope to expand on that a bit more in a blog post one day. But my simplest response is that I am human and I am still on my own journey experience life’s mishaps like everyone else.

Mental health wellbeing and awareness is everyone’s business.  We all have a brain so we all have mental health right? I hope to add a little ‘zest’ to this blog, drawing from my own experiences a sufferer from depression and social anxiety, as a therapist and as a human being. 

My aims for this blog are simple:

As a sufferer: I will draw on my own experiences of my mental health problems and share the ups and downs of mental health recovery as honestly as I can. By sharing what I’m going through, I wish to give other people hope for their journey to recovery and create a platform for people to share their stories. I believe that speaking up and sharing your story is so powerful, which is why I’ve created my ‘Faces of Depression‘ project.

As a therapist: I will draw on my professional knowledge that I have developed over the years and offer therapeutic guidance and advice in a non-clinical way, bridging the gap between ‘patient’ and ‘therapist. Many people struggle with not knowing where to start with improving or maintaining their mental health or not knowing what direction to take. I want to help people to maximise their full potential, better understand their psychological issues and experiences and offer some effective coping mechanisms, strategies and techniques to deal with these.

As a human: I want to raise awareness and normalise the experience of mental health problems. It’s as simple as that really!

I would like to think that these posts may provide advice and/or encouragement for those of you who are experiencing mental illness or just having a tough time and need someone to talk to. Whether you can relate to my blog posts or not, I hope you find these posts insightful, informative and/or inspirational 🙂

Remember though, my thoughts and perspectives are personal to me and in no way do I consider myself to ‘know it all’.  I’m just an expert on my own experiences, learning things along the way and sharing my journey with you- as honestly as I can! Whilst I may offer advice or guidance on what has been helpful for me and my clients, please do not take things literally. If you’re unsure and/or need advice on something, seek further professional help.

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