CANADA | March 2017

In March this year I had the chance to go to Canada to visit my family there. I guess one of the bitter sweet things of having lots of family members is that whilst there are so many of us – we hardly get to meet because the world is so big.

So, although it gives me an excuse to travel, I could do with having my family members closer so I can see them often! The last time I went to Canada was about 6 years ago – My Grandma, Auntie and cousins live in Hamilton, Ontario and I don’t get to see them as often as I should. So when I heard one of my cousins was getting married I had to try and take the time to go (even if it was for <10 days)!

I tried my best to record the highlights of my trip – I found it quite difficult to record a lot as I wanted to spend quality time with my family and jetlag, tiredness and a cold hit me hardddd! I hope you enjoy watching the high’s and low’s of my trip – it was truly one to remember.




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