NAME: Rwenshaun Miller

AGE: 30*

LOCATION: Charlotte, NC*

OCCUPATION: Executive Director, Eustress Inc. Therapist*

“My life changed when the gun didn’t discharge when I pulled the trigger as the barrel touched my temple during this third attempt. I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder 7 years prior and did not know how to handle it because I did not understand what it meant.  As a Black man, I allowed fear, ignorance, and ego determine my actions by not pursuing the help that I needed to manage my symptoms and learn how to live with this mental illness.

I first experienced symptoms my second year in college when I was 19 years old.  I was reluctant to get the help that I needed and was forced to the psychiatric ward of the local hospital by my family. I was literally fighting during this intervention. After a stay in the hospital, I was able to get the help I needed after withdrawing from school. This included therapy, medication and learning ways to cope. I got better.  However, I wanted to go back to school and didn’t want people to know what I been through.  And of course in my head I felt like I was “cured”.  So I stopped going to therapy and taking meds.   The symptoms started back and I started self medicating with alcohol.  This eventually led to the incident I initially described.

When the bullet did not leave the chamber, my eyes opened and I got the help that I needed.  Each day is not the best but I realize that it is not the worst.  I take it one step at a time as I try to help others acknowledge, address, and deal with their own mental health challenges.”


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*Correct at time of submission.