Faces of Depression Project: Olivia’s Story

NAME: Olivia Lomas

AGE: 24*

LOCATION: Cornwall, UK*

“My battle with depression started at a very young age of 10. It was if someone had just switched of the lights, I gave up doing things I liked, I didn’t want to spend time with anyone. I felt hopeless, anxious and confused by what was happening. As I got older others noticed the changes.

I also suffer with eating disorders and severe anxiety – I started having treatment at 14 I was put on antidepressants and regular therapy. But not much changed and I had I suicide attempt when I was 17 and went to an adolescent psychiatric hospital. But this only made things worse I came out and basically gave up on life and let my mental illnesses consume me. I didn’t leave the house and willed to die on a daily basis this lasted 6 years.

When I was 23 I got to the point I thought to myself: “You die or you try and save yourself”. I chose to try and save myself. It has only been in the last few months that I started to make changes. I started small and I am still trying to combat my agoraphobia, depression and other mental illnesses. I also started new medication and seeing a therapist. I have a long way to go, but I’m making the choice to build a life, instead of letting my illnesses dictate what I can and can’t do.

It’s a hard and painful road, but I’m trying to fight everyday.”


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*Correct at time of submission.

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